Tilevo Stainless Steel Wine Glasses


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  • BETTER VALUE: When you buy 2, 4, 6 or 8 premium quality glasses you get better value than other brands with a beautiful gift box it makes the great gift for Christmas and all occasions with 100% customer satisfaction.
  • BETTER THAN GLASS CUPS: Stemless glasses keep your beverages at room temperature for a refreshing drink each sip. Takes up less space than conventional wine glasses and they are great for camping, picnics, and other outdoor events.
  • MORE DURABLE: No need to worry about glass shattering, These stainless steel cups are made of fine-grade 18/8 gauge break-proof stainless steel and they are BPA Free with a brushed finish.
  • CASUAL & ELEGANT: Ergonomically designed sit comfortably in the hand feels natural when cradled in the hand while also allowing wines to breathe enhancing the flavors. Perfect for a picnic, pools, decks, boats, and entertaining day to day meals, or a lavish dinner party.
  • UNIQUE GIFT: This set of stainless steel tumblers would make an excellent present for the wine lover. Their smooth exterior is great for engraving for a personal touch.

5 Reasons, Why this is the best Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Set, you will ever need?

  1. SUPER SLEEK & ELEGANT The smooth, curved shape, stemless design, and satin finish gives these glasses a handsome and modern look that is perfect for dinner parties with lots of guests or intimate meals with loved ones.
  2. DURABLE The shatterproof, 18/8 stainless steel makes these perfect for hiking, picnics, outdoor poolside barbecues or everyday beverage needs.
  3. KEEPS COLD BEVERAGES COLDER longer than conventional glass, the white wine stays cooler, takes up less space than conventional wine glasses.
  4. DISHWASHER SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN These are dishwasher safe and won’t get scratched like glass or plastic. Just rinse, and wipe dry to remove water spots to make them shine instead of endless polishing like with glass.
  5. PERFECT GIFT IDEA Presented in a beautiful Gift Box. Give them as a gift to the wine lovers among your family and friends. Bring them as a special housewarming gift, or buy them for yourselves and begin enjoying them in your home today!



-Stainless steel was invented to be durable and rustproof- the surface even renews itself.

-Stainless steel contains iron, chromium, and nickel. Small amounts of these metals may find their way into your food. Iron is an essential nutrient, a little chromium is also needed, and the amount of nickel in stainless steel is not enough to make you ill. BUT if you have a nickel allergy do not cook, eat or drink from stainless steel.

-There are different grades of stainless steel, and the harder and higher the quality it is, the less likely it is to give off off metals into your food.

-Stainless steel is a safe choice if you have young children (or teens who help with washing dishes!) as it does not break. This also makes it ideal for travel and camping.

-Unlike plastic, which is not a green choice because of its lack of biodegradability and the energy-wasteful way it is produced, stainless steel is recyclable, longlasting and greener to make.

-Stainless steel has a hard, smooth surface which does not readily germs, unlike wood or plastic. You can easily see if it has not been properly cleaned, therefore it is more hygienic to use.

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